White Light part 2 continues the introduction of the White Ranger to the Thunderforce Team to combat Master Zurui and his minions.

Pervious: White Light Pt. 1
Next: White Light Pt. 3


After being defeated by the Nimrod monster and their Thunderzords damaged and in need of repairs the Rangers regroup and think of a plan to defeat the monsters, as the team is trying to think of a way to defeat the powerful monsters that damaged their Zords Elizabeth sees a group of people being attacked by Cotpotros as she tries to help the people she morphs but is overwhelmed by the foot soldiers till an unknown figure shows up and saves her from the soldiers and then disappears before she could speak to him with the Zords are fully repairs the Rangers


Cast & CharactersEdit

Thunder RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
Thunder Ranger Red John Wilson Zac Efron
Thunder Ranger Blue Peter Mitchell Kevin Jonas
Thunder Ranger Green Michael Elliot Drew Seeley
Thunder Ranger Yellow Nathalie Ramos Nina Dobrev
Thunder Ranger Pink Elizabeth Thomas Selena Gomez
White Tiger Bobby Oliver TBA



  • Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel-



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