White Light is the Thirteenth-Fifthteenth episodes of Power Rangers: Thunderforce. It features the Debut of Bobby Oliver to the team as the White Ranger.

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Lord Zedd launches an attack with a monster so powerful that the Power Rangers are hopelessly outmatched, but hope shines bright when their greatest ally returns with new powers.


Cast & CharactersEdit

Thunderforce RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
Thunder Ranger Red John Wilson Zac Efron
Thunder Ranger Blue Peter Mitchell Kevin Jonas
Thunder Ranger Green Michael Elliot Drew Seeley
Thunder Ranger Yellow Nathalie Ramos Nina Dobrev
Thunder Ranger Pink Elizabeth Thomas Selena Gomez
White Tiger Bobby Oliver Ross Lynch



  • Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel- A Monster made from a statue and defeated the Thunder Megazord badly.


  • Zac Efron was offered the role of Bobby Oliver the son of Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Ann Hart Oliver, and the Brother of The Dragonforce Red Ranger Terra Oliver Who was thought to be killed in a car wreck but was actually raised and trained by Jin to destroy the Rangers after he injured Tommy badly forcing the Rangers to take him on without the Tigerzord, but with the efforts of Kimberly she got through to her son, but he didn't think it was right to have the character evil so he turned it down but he was able to land the role of the leader of the team John Wilson.


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