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Thunder Megazord
Vital statistics
Number of Zords 5

Zords Red Dragon Thunderzord,

Griffin Thunderzord, Unicorn Thunderzord, Firebird Thunderzord, Lion Thunderzord

Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Speed Unknown
Power Unknown
Series Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Number of Episode Appearances TBA

The Thunder Megazord is the combination of the Red Dragon Thunderzord, Griffin Thunderzord, Unicorn Thunderzord, Firebird Thunderzord, and Lion Thunderzord. It can transform into the flying Chariot Mode if flight is needed.


"We need Thunderzord power now!"

The Thunderzords were discovered by the Thunder Rangers to use against the Evil Beevil and her forces to combat them, they come together to form the Thunder Megazord with much greater power then the single Zords.

The Thunder Megazord is created by merging the five Thunderzords: the Red Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, Griffin and Firebird. It was slower and heavier than its predecessor, but was more powerful and resilient, capable of resisting Lord Zedd's attempts to enslave it without the aid of any external signal-blockers. The Megazord uses its sword (called the Thunder Saber) as a weapon, and to finish off his enemies powers up his sword and performs a big slash. Unlike the Thunder Megazord's predecessor, his sword does not fall from the sky, but is kept in a scabbard on his waist. Another one of his weapons is the green window on his chest, which can unleash a smokescreen that can cause damage.

The Thunder Megazord is the Red Dragon Thunderzord with the other four zords acting as armor. The Unicorn and Griffin Thunderzords serve as the boots; the Firebird Thunderzord serves as the fauld.


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