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The Power of Red is the 32nd episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This episode concludes the technical-second Team Up between the Galaxy and Space Rangers, which began in the previous episode. The episode is noted for the first death of a Power Ranger, Leo Corbett (who was written out of the season as Danny Slavin was diagnosed with leukemia and prepared to undergo chemotherapy).  


The Power of Red
Season 7, Episode 32
Vital statistics
Air date November 5, 1999
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Ryuta Tazaki
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Summary Edit

The Power Rangers in Space are visiting, while Psycho Red plots to destroy the Red Ranger. Kendrix tells Leo about the location of the Savage Sword and Psycho Red reads Leo's mind, finds the Sword, and grows into a huge monster. The Rangers are able to destroy the Psycho Red Monster, but Leo disappears in a blast of red energy.