Stacy Slater
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Color(s) Yellow
Homeworld Earth
Birthdate December 22, 2015
Age Unknown
First Appearance A New Beginning
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown

It's Morphin Time, Supersonic Power-Morphin Call

Supersonic Yellow Ranger-Roll Call

Stacy Slater is the Supersonic Yellow Ranger and apart of the Supersonic Rangers.(Power Rangers: Supersonic)


Early LifeEdit

Stacy is the middle child the younger sister of Five Star Pink - Kelly and older sister of SpyForce Blue - Kenny. Remi's cousins are also Power Rangers. Jasmine - Army Patrol Yellow and Keiko - Squadron Yellow.

Ranger DutiesEdit

Stacy was at School practicing her martial art techniques when an evil threat arrives and puts the city and the planet in harm's way. Stacy along with Benny, Duncan, and Samantha was transported to a green city island with pure natural nature combined with Eco-green technology. There Stacy soon realized that she along with her four new friends are chosen as the new Power Rangers to combat this new assault. Remi knows her sisters and cousins were Rangers before her but however, she took it in stride.


  • Supersonic Morpher
  • Sonic Blaster/Saber
  • Sonic Flute Whip
  • Supersonic V Mode
  • Supersonic Hawk Cycle


  • Supersonic Carrier Zord (Shared with the Black Ranger)


Stacy may be a tough tomboyish action girl but she packs a mean punch with her advanced martial arts. Stacy is also a very skilled musician playing the flute taught to her by her mom. In Her spare time when reporters come for a visit to an event, she teaches them Martial Arts Classes.



Background InformationEdit

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