Samuel Mason
Corbinbleu florida
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Color(s) Blue
Homeworld Mirinoi/Earth
Birthdate November 7, 2000
Age Unknown
First Appearance Quasar Saber pulled part 1
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown
Blue Galaxy Ranger

"Go Galactic"-Morphing Call

"Galaxy Green"-Roll Call

"Lights of Orion, Activate"-Armor call

Samuel (Sam) Mason is the Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger.

Early LifeEdit

Sam Mason was born on Terra Venture the last day of the journey to the new world and his mom and dad took him on one of the shuttles to evacuate the badly damaged colony dome him and his parents resumed living on the planet when the city was built with help from the Galatic beast and the veteran Galaxy Rangers and in 03 at age 14 he met Taylor, Jessica, and Jonathan Corbett and the four became good friends, they hang out alot.

Ranger dutiesEdit

At Age 15 he and his friends were shown the five legendary Quasar Sabers by Maya and then the city was attacked by what's left of the Armada led by Princess Arkan and her minions, several XBorgs and Zeltraxs came down and captured both Maya and Jon. He and his friends got onboard the lead ship and rescued Maya but didn't save Jon due to him covering the rangers to escape and he feels bad about Taylor not able to save her brother.


  • Transgalactic Morpher
  • Quaser Saber
  • Transdagger-Claw
  • Lights of Orion
  • Quaser Launcher


  • Jet Jammer
  • Astro Cycle


  • Gorilla Galactabeast



Interviewing Corbin BleuEdit

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