The Quasar Sabers are ancient swords of power used by warriors 3,000 years ago to defend the galaxy.


Placed in a stone altar on Mirinoi, it was prophesied that only the "chosen ones" would be able to free the sabers from the stone. For centuries the people of Mirinoi attempted to pull the sabers from the stone but all who tried failed. Ultimately, Maya (a native a Mirinoi) and five citizens of the space colony Terra Venture (who arrived to protect her world from Furio) were able to pull the swords from their altar. Gaining the saber's power and tapping into the Morphing Grid allowed Damon Henderson, Kai Chen, Maya, Kendrix Morgan, and Leo Corbett (after the Red Quasar Saber was passed to him by his brother, Mike, who originally freed the saber, before his apparent death) to become the Galaxy Power Rangers.


Color Role
Galaxy Red Taylor Corbett (Vanessa Hudgens)
Galaxy Blue Samuel Mason (Corbin Bleu)
Galaxy Yellow Michelle Ronald (Demi Lovato)
Galaxy Green Jonathan (John) Samson (Joe Jonas)
Galaxy Pink Julie Williams (Emma Watson)
Galaxy Purple Jessica Corbett (Emily Alyn Lind)

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