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Psycho Red is the leader of the Psycho Rangers. 
Psycho Red
Red Psycho Ranger
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Villain Type Evil Ranger
Homeworld N/A
Species Psycho Ranger
First Appearance Rangers Gone Psycho (Power Rangers In Space)
Last Appearance Psycho Shock (Power Rangers Time Force)
Last Cameo Unknown
Number of Episode Appearances Unknown
Actor(s) Unknown

In Space (1998)Edit

Lost Galaxy (1999)Edit

A year later, Deviot found the cards and resurrected the Psycho Rangers to deal with the Lost Galaxy Rangers. The Space Rangers and Lost Galaxy Rangers fought the Psychos and destroyed them for good this time. Red was the only Psycho to survive, and then launched a new attack to claim the Red Ranger powers. He managed to destroy the Red Space Ranger's Astro Morpher with the Savage Sword, and while Psycho Red fought the Space and Galaxy Rangers in their Megazords, the Red Galaxy Ranger managed to destroy the Savage Sword and saves his friends at the cost of his own life. He turned into his fire-like monster form again and was finally defeated by combined efforts of both the Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord

Lightspeed Rescue (2000)Edit

Time Force (2001)Edit

Legacy (2015) Edit