Powers From the Past is the first episode of Power Rangers: Dino Charge. This episode introduces the layout of the story including Sledge's army, the Keeper, and the Energems.

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After the defeat of Sludge and Snide the children of the rangers are chosen to follow in their parents footsteps and defend the world from a Dino King that wants the Energems for himself to rule the world, but with the leader of the team being the daughter of the former red ranger.


65 million years ago

On Earth Zenowing is stagger back as he's fighting lizards on his own while he's trying to save his friends Keeper and Heckly from the evil King Dragocon and his soon to be wife and son, but is quickly beaten by Dragocon as the King walks over to him Zenowing slashes at him hitting his face causing damage to his left eye and then Keeper opens a portal to the future and it closes.

"Take the Keeper and that traitor to the ship we'll go into a long slumber till he appears again," Drago says as he gets into the dropship and the door closes and the ship flies off.

(Theme Song)

Power Rangers, Power Rangers,
Power Rangers, Power Rangers

In a world full of strife
We must fight to survive
Try to break the chains that divide!
There is only one chance
To take the right stance
Hold tight, keep our power alive!

Go, Go Power Rangers!
Don't you ever stop!
Go, Go Power Rangers!
You will rise up to the top!
Rangers forever, Dino Charge all together!

Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers, Power Rangers

Go, Go Power Rangers!
Don't you ever stop!
Go, Go Power Rangers!
You will rise up to the top!
Rangers forever, Dino Charge all together!

Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers Dino Charge!

Episode 1: Powers from the Past

65 million years later

In Amber Bay at a suburb an alarm clock is going off as a young girl turns over and turns it off and goes back to sleep, and then realizes what time it is and freaks out as she's running down the stairs and slides down the railing and flips and lands on her feet as she runs into the kitchen and looks at her mother.

"You didn't wake me mother," Tina says as she looks at her mother while getting her protein bar.

Shelby looks at her.

"I did and you said five more minutes mom so I just let you sleep," Shelby says as she looks at Tina.

Tina looks at her.

"And you believed me, and I'm guessing Dad left early for a dig and won't be back till late tonight," Tina says as she looks at her mother as she gets her backpack.

Shelby nods at her.

"Your father misses Rexxy and is looking for Tyrannosaur bones have a great day as school you two," Shelby says as she looks at both Tina and Sarah as she looks at a photo of her, Tyler and the other rangers together.

In orbit of Earth a ship flies by a satellite.

Onboard the ship the cryotubes open and Dragocon emerges from it and stretches out as he's ready to rule the world in this century, as he looks at his general.

"Send down a monster and search for Zenowing and destroy him," Dragocon says as he looks at the General.

The General nods and head out with a squad of Lizards and a monster.

At the Dig tour that Sarah, Tina, Ryan, and Chris are taking as they are taking the tour Tina hears something in the woods and goes over to the woods and looks around the woods and sees Zenowing staggering about.

"Help me I need the Rangers," Zenowing says as he walks over to Tina.

Tina helps him stand.

"DAD, DAD!," Tina shouts as she's holding Zenowing up.

Tyler, Chase and Riley see this and runs towards Tina and Zenowing.

"Zenowing what happened to you?" Tyler says as he looks at his old friend.

Zenowing looks at them.

"Keeper was destroyed and Heckly was taken captive," Zenowing says as he looks at them.

At Tyler and Shelby's house everyone is there except for Nicolas who was at a "private school".

"Me, Keeper, and Heckly were restoring his world of Sentai six when Dragocon showed up h-he attacked Keeper a valiant warrior Keeper was but he was no match for his Dino might and he was destroyed from the last time I seen it, I'm just glad your lovely daughter was there to help me," Zenowing says as he looks at Tyler and Shelby and thanks Tina as well.

She smiles.

"Your welcome Zenowing," Tina says as she looks at him.

He nods at her.

"I need your kids to help with fight to protect the world if you refuse this offer I won't be offended by it," Zenowing says as he looks at Tyler, Shelby, Riley, Stephanie, Chase, and Kaylee.

Tyler looks at him.

"Our kids will help you Zenowing take care of them," Tyler says as he looks at his friend.

Zenowing nods as he hands the four Energems he was able to grab before Dragocon bombarded the planet and they bonded with the four kids.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Dino Charge RangersEdit

Color Role Actor
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tina Navarro Arianna Grande
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chris Randall Carlos Knight
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Nicolas Ellis Ross Lynch
Dino Charge Green Ranger Ryan Griffin Zac Efron
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Sarah Navarro Zendaya Coleman





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