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Power Rangers: Zeo
Zeo logo
Vital statistics

Number of Episodes 20
First Episode Zeo Returns part 1
Last Episode Endgames

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date October 19th 2015
Producer Saban Entertainment
Author Unknown
Production Order

Previous = Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers
Next = Power Rangers: Super Zeo


In the city of Summer Cove, things are in peace, but not until a powerful force begins to change everything. The Zeo Crystal, have been separated and now are causing chaos all over Summer Cove and the oceans.

An evil threat known as Necron has come to search for the power and will do anything to get it. With evil looming, a good force has come out of hiding bringing five warriors to stop these destructive tyrants. Five ordinary teens, David, Tyler, Nathan, Rachel and Allison thought they were about to take a vacation until a powerful whirlpool rerouted them into a mystical island where the good force, Gemini and Alpha 8 needs them the most.

After the Zeo Crystal have been separated, the teens-who are also struggling issues of their own-must use the powers of ancient creatures and must use their movements as Power Rangers, in order to find the powerful Zeo Crystals and to stop Necron.



Color Role leitmotif Actors
Zeo Ranger I Amy DeSantos Moai Gracie Dzienny
Zeo Ranger II Christy Matthews Dogu Zendaya Coleman
Zeo Ranger III Rocco DeSantos Sphinx Drake Bell
Zeo Ranger IV Joe Matthews Taurus Ryan Potter
Zeo Ranger V Sarah Fuller Phoenix of Nazca Bella Thorn
Gold Ranger Wyatt West Taylor Lauctner


  • Drew Hale-Mentor to the Zeo Rangers and a former Ranger himself.
  • Karone Former Pink Ninja Ranger, and Drew's and helps the Rangers out with their technology.
  • Zoey - a friend to the rangers. She also runs the Hut, a beach cafe and the ranger's hangout. She also helps Andros with school stuff, with it keeps a relationship to him and Cole, but don't know who to choose.
  • Max - a typical trouble maker very similar to Bulk, Skull, and Spike. He always falls in love with Amy and Christy, but usually gets kick off.
  • Ninja Rangers


Transformation DevicesEdit

  • Zeonizers: Morphers that harness the energy of the Zeo Crystal, and are used to pilot the Zeo Zords.
  • Golden Power Staff: Weapon of the Gold Ranger, used to morph as well as for hand-to-hand combat and laser blasts.

Side armsEdit

  • Zeo Laser Pistol/Blade: Standard Zeo Ranger weapons, serve as a laser gun or saber.

Power WeaponsEdit

  • Zeo Power Disc: Zeo Ranger 1 Pink's weapon.
  • Zeo Power Double Clubs: Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow's weapon.
  • Zeo Power Axes: Zeo Ranger 3 Blue's weapon.
  • Zeo Power Hatchets: Zeo Ranger 4 Green's weapon.
  • Zeo Power Sword: Zeo Ranger 5 Red's weapon.


ZeoZord SystemsEdit

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ★ battlezord, ➲ carrier zord


  • Necron - Hated rivalry against the Red ranger; he wants the Zeo Crystal
    • Elyria - Necron's daughter and skilled combatant; who has a rivarly against the pink ranger
    • Vortix - Necron's second-in-command; heated rivalry against the Gold ranger
    • Grantor - Necron's other general
    • Symbolites - Krull-shaped foot soliders who carries skull like swords
    • Arthdrones - Upgrade versions of the Symbolites with skull-like staffs

Dark Zeo RangersEdit

  • Dark Zeo Rangers
Dark Zeo Ranger V Red Tristan Lopez
Dark Zeo Ranger III Blue Nick Reid
Dark Zeo Ranger II Yellow Juan Martinez
Dark Zeo Ranger IV Green Olivia Brewer
Dark Zeo Ranger I Pink Bailey Holt
Dark Zeo Ranger IIV Gold Wyatt West


  • Unnamed Creature-
  • Bullhorn-


  1. Zeo Returns part 1
  2. Zeo Return part 2
  3. A Fools Hour
  4. Going Viral
  5. Stranger Ranger
  6. United we Stand
  7. Harmony and Dizchord
  8. Who's Crying Now?
  9. Enter Gold Ranger
  10. Grudge Match
  11. Elyria Got Game
  12. A Ranger's Tail
  13. Not So Ice
  14. Dream Snatcher
  15. Ninja Returns
  16. The Human Factor
  17. Rico the Robot
  18. Staying on Track
  19. The Human Condition
  20. The Messenger
  21. End Game

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