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Power Rangers SPD The Next Generation shows the return of the legendary B-Squad as new members come into the ground most notably Sky and Syd's daughter as the SPD Red Ranger.

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In the year 2040, Earth had underwent considerable technological advancements which included the significant advancement of the central protective organisation of the galaxy; S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta). S.P.D. had faced one of its biggest challenges ever; an attack from the evil Cyber Steel Unit, founded and led by a human who recreated himself as a robot named Kilobyte and developed powerful robotic footsoldiers as well as appointed many generals and fugitive monsters so that he can conquer the planet Earth.

To stop him, Jeremy Tate (Schuyler Tate's younger brother) is appointed as the new S.P.D. Earth Commander after his retirement. He appoints five elite B-squad cadets (the A-squad ranking was discarded long ago) to harness the powers of S.P.D. technologic morphers developed by Dr. Matryona Manx (the daughter of Dr. Kat Manx), so that they can stop fugitive Kilobyte and his army's menace once and for all, by becoming the third generation of Power Rangers SPD (after Officer Tate's team followed by Jack Landors' team).


SPD RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
SPD Red Tina Tate Peyton List
SPD Blue Jeremy Tate Drake Bell
SPD Green Kyle Carson Zac Efron
SPD Yellow Lindsey Delgado Kiely William
SPD Pink
SPD Shadow



Transformation DevicesEdit





Delta Squad Zord systemsEdit

Swat Flyer Zord systemsEdit


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