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Power Rangers SPD The Next Generation shows the return of the legendary B-Squad as new members come into the ground most notably Sky and Syd's daughter as the SPD Red Ranger.

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In the year 2040, Earth had underwent considerable technological advancements which included the significant advancement of the central protective organisation of the galaxy; S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta). S.P.D. had faced one of its biggest challenges ever; an attack from the evil Cyber Steel Unit, founded and led by a human who recreated himself as a robot named Kilobyte and developed powerful robotic footsoldiers as well as appointed many generals and fugitive monsters so that he can conquer the planet Earth.

To stop him, Jeremy Tate (Schuyler Tate's younger brother) is appointed as the new S.P.D. Earth Commander after his retirement. He appoints five elite B-squad cadets (the A-squad ranking was discarded long ago) to harness the powers of S.P.D. technologic morphers developed by Dr. Matryona Manx (the daughter of Dr. Kat Manx), so that they can stop fugitive Kilobyte and his army's menace once and for all, by becoming the third generation of Power Rangers SPD (after Officer Tate's team followed by Jack Landors' team).


SPD RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
SPD Red Tina Tate Peyton List
SPD Blue Jeremy Tate Kevin Jonas
SPD Green Kyle Carson Zac Efron
SPD Yellow Lindsey Delgado Kiely William
SPD Pink Kayla Landors Taise Lawrence


  • Commander Sky Tate-Mentor and father of both Jeremy and Tina Tate
  • Supreme Commander Doggie Anbuis Cruger former mentor of the B-Squad Rangers
  • New Dino Thunder Rangers
Color Role Actors
Red Dino Ranger Kai McKnight Stella Hudgens
Black Dino Ranger Mike Oliver Noah Crawford
Yellow Dino Ranger Sara McKnight Caroline Sunshine
Blue Dino Ranger Henry James Carlos Knight
Pink Dino Ranger Hannah Hart Selena Gomez
White Drago Ranger Trey Fernandez Ross Lynch
  • New Mystic Force Rangers
Ranger Designation Name Mystic Guardian Actor
Red Mystic Ranger (Fire) Jessica Russell Phoenix Emily Browning
Green Mystic Ranger (Earth) John Blackwell Taurus Liam Hemsworth
Blue Mystic Ranger (Water) Charisse Jackson Mermaid Shailene Woodley
Yellow Mystic Ranger (Thunder) Tyler-James "T.J." Jackson Thunderbird Nico Greenham
Pink Mystic Ranger (Air) Alice Birmingham Fairy Ashley Greene
White Mystic Force Ranger Jamie Russell Winter Vanessa Hudgens
  • Veteran SPD Rangers
Color Role Actor
S.P.D. Red Ranger Jack Landors (retired) Schuyler "Sky" Tate (promoted) Bridge Carson Brandon Jay McLarenChris VioletteMatt Austin
S.P.D. Blue Ranger Schuyler "Sky" Tate Bridge Carson (promoted) Unknown Chris VioletteMatt Austin
S.P.D. Green Ranger Bridge Carson (HyperForce universe) Lina Song Matt AustinMalika Lim
S.P.D. Yellow Ranger Elizabeth "Z" Delgado Monica May
S.P.D. Pink Ranger Sydney "Syd" Drew Alycia Purrott

Arensal Edit

Transformation DevicesEdit





Delta Squad Zord systemsEdit

Swat Flyer Zord systemsEdit


  1. Returns Part 1
  2. Returns Part 2
  3. Confront
  4. Walls
  5. Dogged
  6. A-Kyle
  7. Gemma Part 1
  8. Gemma Part 2
  9. Idol
  10. Findout
  11. Shadow Part 1
  12. Shadow Part 2
  13. Abanded
  14. Discovered
  15. Battery Part 1
  16. Battery Part 2
  17. Martyona
  18. Recognition
  19. Ninja
  20. Dismissed
  21. Stories
  22. Messenger Part 1
  23. Messenger Part 2
  24. Zapped
  25. Found
  26. Reflection Part 1
  27. Reflection Part 2
  28. SWAT Part 1
  29. SWAT Part 2
  30. Kittyastrophe
  31. Impact
  32. Missing
  33. History
  34. Wormhole
  35. Badge
  36. Insomnia
  37. Resurrection
  38. Finals Part 1
  39. Finals Part 2