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Power Rangers: Carforce is a Power Rangers fan fiction series created by Dragonboy546.

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While on a camping trip five friends found five keys and they are to defend them and they're taken to a command center ran by Tommy Oliver, who helps the team defend the world against the evil King Ranally and his evil minions can they do it or will they fail in their mission.


Carforce RangersEdit

Main Article: Carforce Rangers

Colors Roles Actors
Carforce Red Ethan Roberts Zac Efron
Carforce Blue Will Mitchell Nick Jonas
Carforce Green Adam Nelson Booboo Stewart
Carforce Yellow Hayley Mitchell Zoe Robbins
Carforce Pink Sarah Hanson Chrystiane Lopes
Carforce Silver TBA TBA


Zeo RangersEdit

Color Role leitmotif Actors
Zeo Ranger I Amy DeSantos Moai Gracie Dzienny
Zeo Ranger II Christy Matthews Dogu Zendaya Coleman
Zeo Ranger III Rocco DeSantos Sphinx Drake Bell
Zeo Ranger IV Joe Matthews Taurus Ryan Potter
Zeo Ranger V Sarah Fuller Phoenix of Nazca Bella Thorn
Gold Ranger Wyatt West Taylor Lauctner



  • Battle Footballer
  • Morphtronic Magnen
  • Power Injector
  • X-Saber Airbellum
  • Achacha Archer
  • Machina Archer
  • Laval Magma Cannoneer
  • Machina Sniper
  • Lancer Lindwurm
  • Zubaba Knight
  • Axe Raider


Transformation DevicesEdit

  • Carforce Morphers
  • Turbo Keys

Side armsEdit

Turbo weaponsEdit

  • Carforce blades

Power WeaponsEdit

  • Carforce Red Saber
  • Carforce Atomic Blasters
  • Carforce Cannon
  • Carforce Laser arrows
  • Carforce Fans

Team BlasterEdit

  • Carforce power blaster
  • Turbine Laser


Turbozord/Rescuezord SystemEdit

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ➲ carrier zord, ● other zords

Carforce ZordsEdit




  • Maybe a sixth ranger.
  • Second Power Ranger series to use a car theme.
  • First Female Green Ranger in Power Ranger history.

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