Paul Larson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Color(s) Black
Homeworld Earth
Birthdate December 22, 2018
Age Unknown
First Appearance A Golden Arrival
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown

"Gold Power"-1st Morphing Call

"Go, Go Samurai"-2nd Morphing Call

"Samurai Rangers, ready"-Roll Call

Paul Larson is Samurai Ranger Light, the Gold Samurai Power Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai. He can control the element of Light. He is also Sarah Shiba's childhood best friend. (Power Rangers: Samurai)


Early LifeEdit

Ranger DutiesEdit


Normal ModeEdit

  • Samurai Morpher
  • Samurai Disks
  • Barracuda Blade

Mega ModeEdit

  • Mega Blade

Super Samurai ModeEdit

  • Super Barracuda Blade
    • Barracuda Blade
    • Black Box

Super Mega ModeEdit


  • Octo Zord
  • Samurai Claw Zord
  • Light Zord


Production NotesEdit

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