Nicolas Ellis
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Color(s) Blue
Homeworld Earth
Birthdate October 22, 2018
Age Unknown
First Appearance Powers From the Past
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown

"Stegosaurus, Power Ranger Blue!" ―roll call

"It's, morphin time!" ―Nick's unique spin on the morph

Nicolas "Nick" Ellis is the Second Dino Charge Blue Ranger, and is second in command of the Dino Charge Rangers.


Nicolas was destined to become a hero. He works on fossils and even tries to study the secret of life. This all changes as he worked for a family of his. As he stumbled upon a Stegosarus site. He once worked as a mechanic but he mostly spends his free time coming up with jokes and researching dinosaurs.

Ranger DutiesEdit

Finding his EnergemEdit

When Nicolas looked over a site for Stegosaurus fossils in Wyoming, He was with a search team until he fell into a site for digging and he nearly crushed a Stegosaurus head. He looked inside the fossil which had the Blue Energem. He was confused but then, the Deboss Legion attacked. Nick used his instincts and saved the search crew. He then ran away after he bonded to the Blue Energem.

Meeting the other RangersEdit

Nick applied to Amber Bay High School after working at the museum during the summer, and he sees the other Rangers and his Energem reacts to letting him know that the other four are there with the Rangers. He sees a Monster attack and the other Rangers are getting beaten by a dino warrior and he comes to help them with the monster by shooting it with the Dino Charge blast final strike, he got to know the other rangers but don't believe that a female can lead the team and tries to lead the team into battle several times.



  • Dino Cannon: The combined form of the Dino Charge Morpher & Dino Saber.
  • Dino Charge Morpher: Morphing device that doubles as the gun weapon.
  • Dino Saber: Main sword weapon that can combine with the Dino Charge Morpher.
  • Dino Charge Buckle: Dino Charger-storing belt & comunicator.
  • Dino Charger #3 - StegoCell: Main battery-like device that is the source of Nick's powers.

Power WeaponEdit




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