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Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers is a fanfiction series based on Dengeki Sentai Changeman with elements of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

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Ninjor senses a new evil soon threatened the planet Earth, Hydro-Hog's son the Aquavore. With his army of monsters, Aquavore began a powerful and brutal assault. He reached out to the children of the Power Rangers he had helped and infused them with the ninja powers he had given to their parents and reawakened the Ninjazords. Ninjor dubbed them the Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers, and led them in defense of the Temple of Ninja Power.



Element Role Ranger Actor
Earth Aiden Black Ranger Nick Jonas
Nature Kendall Pink Ranger Miley Cyrus
Water Bradley Blue Ranger Justin Bieber
Wind Alexia Yellow Ranger Kiely Williams
Fire Rodney Red Ranger Spencer List
Light Rachel White Ranger Peyton List


  • Thunderforce Rangers
Color Role Actors
Thunder Ranger Red John Wilson Zac Efron
Thunder Ranger Blue Michael Eillot Drew Atchley
Thunder Ranger Green Peter Mitchell Nick Jonas
Thunder Ranger Yellow Elizabeth Thomas Nina Dobrev
Thunder Ranger Pink Mary Larson Rhoda Montemayor
White Tiger Bobby Oliver Austin Malone


Colors Roles Actors
Blue Sweet Flag Maria
Pink Cherry Blossom Sarah Thompson
Green Water Lotus Lindsey
Orange Lily Patricia
Purple Orchid Nicole


Morphin CallsEdit

Roll CallEdit


Shogun ZordsEdit


Transformation DevicesEdit




  1. Ninja Quest part 1
  2. Ninja Quest part 2
  3. Climb Every Fountain
  4. Falcon Search
  5. Beware the Gatekeeper
  6. Ninja Megazord, Unleashed!
  7. Ace Poker
  8. Enter the Flower Team
  9. Shattered Confidence
  10. The Ninja Trials
  11. All The Wrong Numbers
  12. The Jealousy Games
  13. Storm Warning
  14. When Water Goes Bad
  15. Trouble on the Playing Field
  16. When the Battle Stands Tall
  17. When Rangers Freeze Over
  18. Frankenstein's Robot
  19. The Smash Challenge
  20. Behavioral Adjustments
  21. Dark Battle, Part 1
  22. Dark Battle, Part 2
  23. Burned Out
  24. Slumber City
  25. A False Image
  26. A Leader's Challenge

Stage ShowsEdit

Video ReleaseEdit


Video GamesEdit


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