Michelle Ronald
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Color(s) Yellow
Homeworld Mirinoi/Earth
Birthdate November 7, 2000
Age Unknown
First Appearance Quasar Saber pulled part 1
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown
Yellow Galaxy Ranger

"Go Galactic"-Morphing Call

"Galaxy Yellow"-Roll Call

"Lights of Orion Activate"-Armor call

Michelle Ronald is the Galaxy Yellow Ranger.

Early LifeEdit

When the survivors of the destroyed colony Terra Venture settled on Mirinoi, Michelle was at the age of 11 when she and her family settled on the planet, she met Taylor, Jon, Jessica, Julie, Sam, and John and the seven become fast friends. And they spend a lot of time together like listening to the stories about the five Quasar Sabers that were used by legendary warriors

Ranger DutiesEdit

At the age of 16 when the planet was invaded by the reserve forces from the Armada that attacked Earth Michelle and her five friends pulled the five sabers out of the stone and became the new Lost Galaxy Ranger team, She keeps up her job as the Yellow Ranger, she feels bad for Taylor when her and the others were unsuccessful in retrieving Taylor's brother Jon and she tries to keep up her training and continues to prove to her friends that she can be counted on.


  • Transmorpher
  • Transdagger-Delta Daggers
  • Lights of Orion
  • Quasar Saber
  • Quasar Launcher


  • Jet Jammer


  • Wolf Galactabeast



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