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Kendrix Morgan Corbett
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Color(s) Red
Homeworld Earth/Mirinoi
Birthdate October 5, 1978
Age 21 (Lost Galaxy)

22 (Lightspeed Rescue) 36 (Super Megaforce)

First Appearance Quasar Quest (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown
Pink Galaxy Ranger

Kendrix Morgan Corbett is Galaxy Pink of the Galaxy Rangers. She is also the wife of Leo Corbett and the mother of Taylor CorbettJonathan Corbett, and Jessica Corbett.

Lost Galaxy (1999)Edit


Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Kendrix has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything, and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder that's around her. Her blossoming friendship with free-spirited Leo teaches her to have a more fun loving and spontaneous side to her.

Kendrix was introduced as a science officer aboard the space station Terra Venture.

Lightspeed Rescue (2000)Edit

Super Megaforce (2014)Edit

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