Justin vs the Flute Org is a crossover between Justin Stewart of the Turbo Power Rangers and the Flute Org from Wild Force. The events of this are canon and did not occur in the original timeline. 


Justin had decide to play basketball around the Angle Grove Park while he gets ambushed by a pack of Pirahnatrons who came to kidnap him, but Justin easily defeats them as they escape. Unknowingly to him, he was being followed by the Flute Org. In the meantime, Justin did many hoops that went successful. As just he was going home, Flute Org plays his flute music which causes Justin to dance uncontrollably as Justin doesn't know why he is dancing as his muscles were getting tired.

As the Flute Org stop playing, Justin stops dancing and was confused about it. In the meantime when Justin walks on the sidewalk, he was wondering what caused him to dance like that as he believes that it's evil music which he says it's very ridiculous, the Flute Org made himself present to Justin as the young Power Ranger asked him if the is the one playing the flute.

The Flute Org replies that it was him that's been playing the flute as Justin sarcastically thanks him and tells him that he should be in a band. Moments later, Flute Org began to put Justin under his spell again as he was unable to use his Turbo Morpher become the Blue Turbo Ranger. It seems like the Flute Org was winning as Justin was dancing to the music while he complains how terrible it is.

As Justin was still trapped by the music of the flute, the young ranger tries to figure out a way to destroy that flute when the Flute Org gets disturbed by some dogs as one of them had grabbed his flute which free Justin and finally uses his Turbo Morpher to become the Blue Turbo Ranger and fights the Org with his Turbo Hands Blasters destroying the Flute Org's flute to prevent him from forcing other kids to dance uncontrollably and continues to kick and punch the monster. Afterwards, the Flute Org gets injured and runs away from the young Power Ranger.




  • Here's a list of dance moves Justin was doing when he was under the Flute Org's control.
    • Waving his arms from left and right. 
    • Funny Chicken Dance
    • The Robot 
    • Rolling his wrists

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