Julie Williams
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Color(s) Pink
Homeworld Mirinoi/Earth
Birthdate November 7, 1999
Age Unknown
First Appearance Quasar Saber pulled part 1
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown
Pink Galaxy Ranger

"Go Galactic!"-Morphing Call

"Galaxy Pink!"-Roll Call

"Lights of Orion Activate!"-Armor Call

Julie Williams is the Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger and pilots the Lost Galaxy Kat Zord.

Early LifeEdit

Highly intelligent and analytical by nature, Julie has an interest in all things scientific. She always has a logical explanation for everything, and that sometimes prevents her from seeing the wonder that's around her. Her blossoming friendship with free-spirited Taylor teaches her to have a more fun loving and spontaneous side to her.

Julie was introduced when she was hanging out with her friends watching Taylor and Jonathan training, and learning about the battles of the veteran Lost Galaxy Rangers that battled the evil Scorpius and Trakeena.

Ranger dutyEdit

During the XBorg attack on the planet she drew a Quasar Saber that allowed her to transform into the Pink Galaxy Ranger.


  • Wildcat Galaticabeast


  • Quasar Saber
  • Transgalatic Morpher
  • Lights Of Orion
  • Quasar Launcher


  • Jet Jammer



Interviewing Emma WatsonEdit

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