"It's Morphin Time, Dragonforce Unleashed!"-Morphing Call

"With the Power of the Wind Dragon Crystal, Dragonforce Pink Ranger!"-Roll Call

Julia Glena Mitchell is the Dragonforce Pink Ranger and controls the Phoenix Dragon Zord and wields the Dragon crossbow in Power Rangers: Dragonforce.

Early lifeEdit

Both Julia and Bryan are brother and sister who moved from Blue Bay to Reefside and their mom and dad both worked at the Archologicial Museum, as researchers, Julia was the popular girl at Reefside High she was apart of the cheer squad and had a wonderful life as the popular girl in the school she was feared by the under classmen except for Terra who thought she was a stuck up cheerleader.

She was on a date with one of the football player on the football team till a pink energy stream hit her and she was fine and she kept on cheering.

Ranger DutyEdit

When Queen Vexlis attacked Terra's father chose her to be the Dragonforce Pink Ranger and to wield the Dragon Crossbow and control the Dragon Phoenix Zord, Her first battle when great against Lancelord and General Sludge.

Julia didn't like Terra's leadership skills think that she was going to destroy the team against Dual Slasher but she was able to help her team mates to defeat him and her and Terra restored their friendship and trust with each other.

Her Zord was badly damaged during their battle against Utopia one of Vexlis top generals more powerful then Sludge but was able to defeat not destroy him.

​Hobbies and InterestsEdit

While she's not fighting bad guys Julia practices cheerleading with her cheer team, and or shopping with her friends for new outfits. She's inspired to go into cheer competitons with her cheer team and teach other girls how to cheer really good.


  • Dragonforce morpher
  • Dragon Blaster/Blade
  • Dragon Crossbow
  • Dragon Armor


Dragon wind Phoenix Zord


Julia has Blonde hair and is very skilled in Cheerleading and dancing she is 5'4' inches and is at the age of 16