James Hallman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Color(s) Red
Homeworld Earth
Birthdate August 22, 2016
Age Unknown
First Appearance A New Beginning
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown

It's Morphin Time, Supersonic Power-Morphing Call

Supersonic Red Ranger-Roll Call

James Hallman is the Red Supersonic Ranger of the Supersonic Rangers. (Power Rangers: Supersonic)


Early LifeEdit

James is a strong bold leader and always been protective his teammates especially Samantha Ray.

Ranger DutiesEdit

He was the first to be chosen by Professor Watson and he defended the planet by himself for awhile, till the invaders got to strong for him to handle on his own and he had to get a team of rangers to help him.


  • Supersonic Morpher
  • Sonic Blaster/Saber
  • Sonic Saber
  • Supersonic V Mode
  • Red Supersonic Hawk Cycle



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