Duncan Sangster
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Color(s) Blue
Homeworld Earth
Birthdate January 12, 2015
Age Unknown
First Appearance A New Beginning
Last Appearance Unknown
Last Cameo Unknown

It's Morphin Time, Supersonic Power-Morphin call

Supersonic Blue Ranger-Roll Call

Duncan Sangster is a male who is the Supersonic Blue Ranger. (Power Rangers: Supersonic)


Duncan is the brains of the group he's also the son of the legendary Dr. Alexander Sangster whose best known for his logical wisdom. Duncan and his father are very close and when Duncan decides to become a Scientist his father Dr. Sangster accepts and understands his son's desires.

Ranger DutiesEdit


George is very very patient with his friends and always yearning for more practice of his inventions.


  • Supersonic Morpher
  • Sonic Blaster/Saber
  • Sonic Grips
  • Supersonic V Mode
  • Blue Supersonic Hawk Cycle



Background InformationEdit

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